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Do you own a property and want to put it for rent?

The skills of a real estate professional permits you to be assisted in all of the necessary


The 5 Promenade team will provide you knowledge on the current state of the rental market in the area of your property in order to offer you an estimate of its rental value.

Do you want us to give you an evaluation of your property?



We make every effort to ensure that rentals are carried out in the best conditions and that deadlines are met properly, for this reason the preparation of the property is important. We ensure quality photos, proper advertisement and dissemination on multiple marketing platforms.

We can also advise you on new trends and current home improvements that makes it possible to make the most of your property and make it easier to rent.


In order to make your property known to potential buyers we have a dissemination strategy that is included in the primordial stages.
The MLS network
: Specialized real estate ad sharing network between 260 agencies in Nice (for any exclusive listing).
Advertising websites
: se loger, logic immo, maisons et appartements, fnaim ect.
Window display
: Your real estate ad in the agency’s window display case. 5 Promenade will benefit from high visibility due to its location on the famous Promenade des Anglaise.
Advertising billboards
: Displayed on your apartment with contact information, they are a major hook for passers-by wishing to acquire a property.


The installation of the tenant is done in several stages; our role is to find a reliable tenant quickly.

Our team is committed to relieve you of the main concerns related to your rental property and ensure you save the time you need.

The selection within our database of potential tenants are based on their search criteria. For example:

  • Establishing visits to your property with confidence.
  • The constitution of the tenant file, the in-depth study of its creditworthiness and veracity of the information provided.
  • Drafting of the lease are followed accordingly on the latest legal updates LOI ALUR for a residential lease and according to the latest updates to the LAW PINEL for commercial leases, establishment of diagnostics techniques to be annexed to the lease, the control of the insurance taken out by the tenant.
  • Payment of the deposit directly on your account.
  • The state of entry and exit.


Are you searching for a rental property? 

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